The Piñata King

Tony Dominguez

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Who is the Piñata King

After 12 years as a baker, Tony Dominguez worked as a production supervisor for Cinema Secrets (a Hollywood prop company) where he collaborated in such films as Dracula, Water world, Apollo XIII, Casper, Barbwire, The Mask and Stargate among others. Since 1994, he started producing piñatas for retail businesses. Soon after, he realized there was a growing demand for Latino art productions and he expanded his services to include paper maché.

His desire to provide a creative outlet for the youth within the community developed into a way of life for those same youth, to show them that with their artistic skills, their dreams of success could become a reality. The same youth that would come after school as volunteers to help on paper maché projects, were now coming as employees who were receiving wages to help sustain themselves and provide a new source of income for their families. He felt a responsibility for his apprentices, having experienced the same difficulties when growing up in East Los Angeles.

The expansion into paper maché led to the founding of Arte Calidad. As Arte Calidad, Tony Dominguez and his young workers targeted the biggest Latino entertainment productions, but eventually expanded to mainstream concerts and events. Today, Dominguez is said to be the “general de papel mache…the greatest paper mache artist in the country, if not the world.”

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